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Social Law13 October 2022
Ader Jolibois: always keeping control & facilitating transformation

Always keeping control and facilitating transformation

A true strategic partner and relying on proximity and the search for relationships of trust and transparency with its clients and partners, the ADER JOLIBOIS firm offers solutions that are perfectly adapted to their field of activity, their projects and their challenges. Technical requirement, quality and pragmatism are the commitments that have made the success of the firm for more than 50 years.

Our ambition

Backed by its history and faithful to its spirit of independence, ADER JOLIBOIS offers its clients a direct link with the expert associate lawyer who will guarantee them listening, sound advice and responsiveness, each with their exclusive competence in the areas of corporate law: of course social law, but also commercial, tax, real estate and company law… with his partners Michel LACORNE, Eric ADER and Claire JOLIBOIS

At the head of the “Employment Law” division, Maître Jocelyne CLERC, Associate Lawyer specializing in Labor Law, assists French and international groups, institutional clients in diversified business sectors such as distribution, wholesale, media, various industries… on all issues relating to the lives of employees and IRPs.

Commitment to her clients is the priority of Maître Jocelyne CLERC: a personal, very entrepreneurial approach and unfailing loyalty that allow us to better anticipate risks, prevent them and ensure long-term sustainability.

“Our ambition, guided by strong ethics, and the concern for a job well done, is in these days of piling up reforms and exponential obligations for companies, to keep control of the subjects, and avoid emphatic drift”, details Maître CLERC.

The firm promotes technical excellence in the context of complex operations in order to meet the requirements of its clients who need recognized experts and a consistent global approach.

Our values

Listening to its clients, attention to others, curiosity, diligent training, allow the firm’s lawyers to better perceive and understand the changes in the world of work and require them to strengthen their ability to anticipate all subjects. , new arrivals, digital, protection of personal data, acceleration of negotiations in particular on professional equality, savings methods, vocational training, teleworking, etc.

The practice of teamwork and the confrontation of points of view are more than ever the driving forces of our commitment. Mutual respect and loyalty to the word given, honesty, transparency vis-à-vis its customers and partners, create a climate of trust that promotes good work for the benefit of the companies thus advised. Asked about the identity of a lawyer today, Maître Jocelyne CLERC answers:

“Lawyers are the firm’s main asset, and ensuring that everyone can work there in a spirit of teamwork and cohesion is a priority. This makes it possible to successfully go through periods of change and to take advantage of changes to turn them into opportunities. The lawyer today no longer has only a strictly legal role, but has become a partner of the company in anticipation on the advisory aspects, and litigation upstream of the files in order to be perceived as a facilitator of the transformation. »

Article originally published in Liaison sociale magazine


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