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The life of the firm2 September 2022
Ader Jolibois: the human relationship above all

ADER JOLIBOIS - The human relationship above all!

Publication of ADER JOLIBOIS in the number 39 of Juriste d’Entreprise magazine

Éric Ader and Arnaud Bouriant, partners in the firm Ader Jolibois, come back for us on the past period marked by the crisis and also tell us about the positioning of the firm. Encounter.

Introduce us to Ader Jolibois

The firm was created in 1960 by Marc Brossolet, Henri Ader, chairman in 1990, and Charles Jolibois. The firm has developed strongly in France and internationally. He is particularly known for his intervention on behalf of the French State in privatization operations and in the settlement of international disputes.

Since then, the firm has evolved and our positioning has been built around the expertise of our partners: Michel Lacorne (business law), Jocelyne Clerc (employment law), Claire Jolibois (family law).

Our clientele is mainly made up of SMEs. However, we also support CAC 40 companies. We position ourselves as a “full-service” firm that has the ability to support managers and business leaders with their professional and personal issues.

Nearly a year and a half after the start of the crisis, what are the main challenges facing your customers?

The main risk is that of defaults which can lead to bankruptcy and payment default. While the law of companies in difficulty does not protect creditors, companies must take steps to guarantee their sustainability and secure their activity. Indeed, the question arises for companies of the solvency of their debtors in this uncertain economic context. At the same time, the pandemic and the first confinement imposed new ways of working and accelerated the digitalization of companies. This situation has raised technical and legal issues such as the organization of general meetings by videoconference, postal voting, the true identity of the person behind the computer screen…

How has it also impacted your way of working and your relationship with your clients?

The massive transition to telework and the acceleration of digitalization are pushing us to think about the future developments in our profession. More than ever, we need to master progress so that our relationships with our customers and internally as well do not become dehumanized. This is an issue common to all sectors of activity, moreover.

Indeed, the very essence of the relationship that binds a lawyer to his client is this human dimension. It is important to keep this part of humanity! At the same time, we are also witnessing a loss of skills and quality. We do not believe in 100% telework. We see it rather as a complement and tool at the service of our flexibility and responsiveness.

In this context, Ader Jolibois is continuing its tradition of excellence and benevolence by adapting and adopting new digital tools (videoconferencing, etc.) and new ways of working (teleworking), but without losing sight of the human dimension that allows us to build a partnership relationship with our customers. Moreover, this approach allowed us to maintain “almost normal” activity during the first confinement and even to finalize major business takeover operations.

In your opinion, what are the topics and issues of the moment?

The question of rents due during confinement remains a hot topic. It is regrettable that the Court of Cassation has not yet ruled. This is a theme that comes up regularly.

Managing the economic crisis and preventing the risk of default are also issues that concern our customers, who must protect themselves against this risk while pursuing their development and growth in an uncertain and risky market. In this context, our mission is to support and advise them. The key word obviously remains anticipation: the faster we are seized, the more the risk can be controlled. Once the difficulties have arisen, it is very often too late and the conditions for litigation are then less satisfactory.

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